Privately Financed Graded Premium Universal Life

Currently, an arbitrage opportunity presents itself to sophisticated investors whereby interest bearing loans (interest paid currently and loans retired in less than ten years) made to a trust for the benefit of family members can create guaranteed Internal Rates of Return (IRR) that far exceed those available from most portfolio assets.  As the accompanying study illustrates, if trust assets grow at a modest 6% annual rate, the underlying trust will have grown  terminal value to in excess of $16,145,000 in year 27 (the joint life expectancy of the hypothetical couple used in the study). Read More

Family Legacy Unitrust Edge

What is a legacy?  To many people, it is the estate that they leave their heirs after their deaths.  It is the culmination of prudence, wisdom and intelligent financial planning and may provide one a great feeling of satisfaction.  However, a legacy does not necessarily need to start after our deaths nor does it need to be confined solely to providing assets and income for our heirs. Read More


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