• Estate Planning

    While the Federal Estate tax doesn’t loom as large as it has in the past, estate planning has never been more important. State inheritance taxation, gifting to heirs, charitable bequests and transfer of business interests present planning opportunities and hurdles to our successful clients. Read More

  • Business Succession

    Ranging from the most basic of buy-sell agreements to complex stock sales, Spectrum is well positioned to counsel its clients. Creative, tax compliant programs may be incorporated into such planning, which may allow for funding of succession plans with pre-tax dollars. Read More

  • Charitable Planning

    Developing a legacy oftentimes is much more than how much we leave our heirs. Most of our wealthy clients generously support philanthropic programs. While writing a check outright to our favorite charity is the most direct and immediate method of support. Read More

  • Tax Management

    Whether it is Federal Estate Taxation, State Inheritance Taxation or income taxation, Spectrum has been at the forefront of estate and asset maximization since its inception. In today’s world, it is not uncommon for marginal income tax rates to exceed 50%, when combining federal and state liabilities. Read More

Welcome to Spectrum Financial Solutions, LLC

Spectrum Financial Solutions, LLC has been helping its clients accumulate, manage and retain wealth for over 30 years. With a background built around investment management, life insurance, trust and estate administration, business succession and charitable planning, Spectrum is uniquely positioned to interface with clients and their advisors to formulate efficient programs that address each client’s individual priorities and needs.

The breadth of inter-disciplinary relationships that the firm enjoys makes Spectrum the ideal innovative advisor to help clients chart the ever changing financial landscape, grow assets, manage tax issues and assure that legacy goals are achieved.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you…

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